Creative Destruction Currency Types and How to Earn Them

When it comes to know about Creative Destruction Currency Types, there are 3 of them which are very important for any game player. Gold, Stars and Diamonds.

In this topic of currencies in creative destruction game, we will try to explain as much as we can about the currencies in this game. So let’s get started.

Mobile gaming is a new trend in youths, and everyone loves to spend time on gaming. In recent times huge kinds of games are placed on the internet, but Creative Destruction is giving an ultimate survival experience.

The game is released by NetEase Games, and it is compatible with Microsoft windows, android, and IOS. There are a number of online players, and you will play with around 100 rivals.

You can land our parachute in the right location and find out some safe zone for hitting more rivals. You can download the game by Google store or official game website.

In the gameplay, we will see several missions of tasks for leveling up, and most of us are spending much time on different fighting.

Lots of weapons and gears are easily available for grabbing some achievements. The users have to upgrade with new updates and change guns with a new one. Build several buildings with amazing material.

Most of the above tasks need in-game currency that we must have. There are 3 types of game currencies available in the creative destruction. Let’s get to know about them.

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Important Types of Currencies in Creative Destruction:

The currency of the game is a leading part of the game, and you must know the role it. There are three kinds of currencies, like gold coins, star coins, and diamonds.

Each one has special potential for leveling up, but we have to know about every necessary use of them. In this guide, we are providing some major details of currencies.

Gold Coins

The gold coins are the prime currency for every task, and you have to ready to collect it. The player can spend it on different things and purchase new items.

We can customize many things with gold coins, and it is hard to collect. You must go with a few challenging tasks or missions for getting free gold coins.

Star Coins 

Star coins are the second necessary currency to build many things in your gameplay. The uses buy some new materials for upcoming building tasks.

A high amount of currency is good for dominating other active players in the match. You can add multiple things for completing some deadly fights in the match and reach on your targets. Earn some currencies in the game legally by using this amazing creative destruction hack from YouTube.


Diamonds are for purchasing some big weapons, and the players can only earn it with many battles. The users have to be fully skilled in killing lots of rivals.

A small amount of currency is not enough to open ways for leveling up, so you must think about it.

How to Earn Currency in Creative Destruction

Earning currency like diamonds are very hard, whereas gold and star coins are bit easier to get in the game.

You can find all the ways to earn each of the game currency including diamonds from online sources. One of the best source is It has in-depth knowledge & ways to earn all the currencies from the game itself.

Rather if we think like how to save maximum amount of currency from spending in the game, it would make more sense.

Saving a big amount of currency is not much easy for everyone, but you have to make strong decisions.

We should only spend the currency on needy stuff and avoid some unnecessary items. Use your special powers to target more enemies for surviving a long time.

Try to grab some extra currency by going to join daily events. A lack of currency is decreasing our playing confidence, and it is not good for every player.

Some new updates are weekly available for more chances to win, so you should not neglect them for upgrading several weapons.

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